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Mitchell speaks to student leaders

Former U.S. Senator and author George J. Mitchell participated in a discussion with 300 student leaders from all areas of the University on Oct. 1.

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Mitchell discussed his guiding set of leadership principles and how they developed through his upbringing, mentorship experiences, role in resolving international conflict and life as a political leader.

Regarded for his bipartisanship and international relations, Mitchell was voted for six consecutive years “the most respected member” in the Senate and considered one of Time Magazine’s 100 most influential persons in the world. He brokered the historic Northern Ireland Peace Accords and served as U.S. Special Envoy for Middle East Peace. His published works focus on conflict management, diplomatic skill, and inclusive and ethical leadership. For additional information about Mitchell, see his biography here.

Wake Forest & Leadership

Today’s students are graduating into a world that is more competitive, dynamic and uncertain than earlier generations. They will have many jobs and careers during their lifetimes. They will need to be equipped to make their own opportunities and navigate an unpredictable future. Simply put, they will have to lead.

At Wake Forest, our responsibility is to educate the whole person-mind, body and spirit – and to help students find their place in the world. It means that while at Wake, students discover where their gifts and talents lie and are challenged to explore questions deeply and to think about their own responsibility for making the world better.

Here you will see that embedded in the collegiate experience for our students is a diverse set of courses, programs and opportunities we use to develop those necessary leadership skills and capabilities.